Remo Ambassador coated on top of toms & SD clear on bottom/Remo Power Stroke 3 on BD batter side


TAMA Starclassic
Bubinga in Dark Cherry Fade or Maple in Marine Blue Fade
6×8 MT
8×10 MT
9×12 MT
14×14 FT
16 x 16 FT
18 X 20 or 16 x 18 BD (no hole on front head)
5 1/2×14 SD
LP Brass Timbalitos

Sabian Cymbals (all hand hammered)

14″ HH Fusion Hi-Hats
Resonating Bells – F, F#, G
8″ HH China Kang
18″ HH Crash-Ride
10″ HH China Kang
20″ HHX Stage Ride w/ 3 ring on top
14″ HH Mini Chinese
18″ HHX Chinese


LP Congas Classic model natural wood finish
(quinto, conga, 2 tumbadoras)
LP Tito Puente timbales (bronze finish)
LP bongos natural finish
LP bata (okonkolo, itotele, iya)


Iron Cobra Pedal attached to Gajate bracket
Iron Cobra double Pedal

Vic Firth Sticks & Mallets

Bobby Sanabria signature extended 5A
Blue handle wire jazz brushes
Bash-Man timbale/timpani/percussion mallets

Steve Smith Tala Wands

Birch & Bamboo

LP Cowbells

AA LP Salsa Chacha Bell – high pitch on Gajate Bracket
BB LP Deluxe Black Beauty Cha Cha Bell – Chrome Plated
CC LP Salsa Bongo Bell, Mounted
DD LP Jam Block – Red
EE LP Tri Bells
FF LP Mambo Bell