Bobby Sanabria Bobby Sanabria & Quarteto Ache!


  1. Shaw Nuff
  2. Soleshia
  3. Funky Mr. D
  4. Blue
  5. Childs Walk
  6. Ebb & Flow
  7. El Trane
  8. Aum
  9. Be-Bop


Bobby Sanabria – drums, vocals
John di Martino – piano
Boris Kozlov – acoustic bass
Jay Collins – saxophones, flutes

Additional Information

An astute and passionate champion for Afro-Cuban music, Bobby Sanabria is acutely aware of the history and development of jazz from Armstrong to Zawinul. On this recording, he has pared down his vision to a powerhouse quartet, integrating his deep understanding of rhythm into a remarkably flexible unit that can turn on a dime from surging bebop to an infectious Cuban songo, from delicate waltz time swing to a lively mambo or Trinidadian soca!


“…good impression of where Latin jazz has come to…rambunctious, well-schooled, propulsive, slangy, and above all historically literate…”
— The New York Times