Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra Conducted by Bobby Sanabria Kenya Revisited Live


  1. Intro
  2. Frenzy
  3. Congo Mulence
  4. Kenya
  5. Oyeme
  6. Holiday Holiday
  7. Cannonlogy
  8. Wild Jungle
  9. Blues a la Machito
  10. Conversation
  11. Theme And Variations On Tin Tin Deo
  12. Tin Tin Deo
  13. Minor Rama
  14. Turarato


Bobby Sanabria – Conductor, Drums, Timbales, Vocals, Arrangement Supervisor

Special guest soloist:
Candido – Congas

Justin Janer – Lead alto
Vince Nero – 2nd alto
Pawan Benhamin – tenor
Michael Davenport – tenor
Michael Sherman – baritone

Michael Taylor – lead
Jimmie “J.J.” Kirkpatrick
Anthony Stanco
Jonathan Barnes

Timothy Vaughn – lead
Felix Fromm
Nate Adkins
Timothy “T.J.” Robinson – bass

Electric/Acoustic Bass:
Billy Norris

Christian Sylvester Sands

Normans Edward
Giancarlo anderson
Jake golblas
Cristian Ribera

Additonal Notes

This recording celebrates with new arrangements, the 50th Anniversary of the legendary Kenya album by the founders of the Afro-Cuban Jazz movement, Machito & His Afro-Cubans.

The CD is a prelude to the 4 hour PBS documentary, LATIN MUSIC U.S.A. – premieres on PBS and the BBC in October and features Mr. Sanabria and Candido in the first episode.

Mr. Sanabria conducts and is featured on drums and timbales on several tracks, while legendary NEA Jazz Master, Candido, who played on the original Kenya, is featured on several tracks.