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Missed the live stream concert of the multi-Grammy nominated Bobby Sanabria MULTIVERSE Big Band w/ strings honoring Puerto Rican composers? Whoop here it is! And don’t forget to consider making a donation to this great organization, the BRONX ARTS ENSEMBLE, for putting this fantastic concert together!!!

Bobby talks with NPR about West Side Story Reimagined

Growing up as a Nuyorican kid in the Bronx, Bobby Sanabria first watched “West Side Story” in the movie theaters, on the 10th anniversary of the film’s release. “I was mesmerized,” said the Latin Jazz drummer and composer. In 2017, the Broadway classic celebrated its 60th anniversary and to honor this milestone, Sanabria re-envisioned what Latino New York City actually sounds like. The result was his album, “West Side Story Reimagined.” Maria Hinojosa talks to the drummer and composer about what the iconic musical means to him and how he paid tribute to its legacy.